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My Question: What is the best way to repair “torn” lead which used to hold toilet flange? Call an old plumber who knows how to fix this or to a major repair and tear into the ceiling and replace the lead elbow now?

Pulling toilet up in my second story bathroom (house built in 1965) I found that the reason the toilet was loose was a failure of the lead holding a brass closet flange ring.  The lead had "torn" about half the circumference of the hole.  The floor of the bathroom is 1”x1” tile.  Do you install and adaptor flange and Tapcon through the tile/concrete board and into the plywood and hope for the best?


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Not knowing the severity of the tear or the  actual thickness of the lead, my first inclination it to replace it. There are ways to repair but keep in mind that the repair is only temporary. A plumber who knows how to "wipe" a lead bend can do it but we are a dying breed. The newbies do not know the old ways. (unless trained by us dinosaurs!) Should you decide to repair, there are good two-part epoxy compounds you can use to seal the tear. The best I have seen is a product call "Pro-Poxy" It comes in a stick form and when the two parts are combined it hardens like steel. As for the flange, it is imperative that it be secured to the floor and is rock solid. use all the screw holes provided. Good luck


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