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Tom, I have an older low flush toilet that operates on the dual flush principle. [hold the handle longer and it allows a higher flow water flush]. As I am sure you are aware these early models often don't flush completely using the #1 flush because there is not enough water to allow the bowl to flush completely. Simply holding the lever longer resolves the problem but it is a pain and guests don't do it. Is there a way to get the flapper to stay open longer when pressing the lever once or could I replace the flapper with another so every flush basically becomes a #2 flush using more water? Thanks, Jack

Dear Jack,

I don't know if changing the flapper would help... it depends on what the method is that makes the flapper close early.  Some flappers are designed to close after letting just a small amount of water through and others have a device on them to make them stay open longer.  You can certainly try it, it would be a low cost experiment considering that the alternative would be replacing the toilet.

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