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Plumbing in the Home/Septic tank "To Pump or not to Pump"


Hi Carolyn,
You will likely find this question to be one of the strangest yet.

My elderly parents (85ish) have lived in the same house for approx 40 years and installed the septic system new when they moved in.  Since they were rural (at the time they moved in), the only thing that goes in the septic is the toilet, tub and bathroom sink.  The washer and kitchen sink are separate and do not go into the septic. They also have always, saved on buildup in the septic by not throwing pee paper down the toilet.   (How frugal of them)
They have never had the septic pumped.

Now, they are starting to have flushing problems.
They can flush easily by pouring additional water in at the moment of flushing but lately after the flush down, the bowl fills up again nearly to overflowing.  THe water is clean and will eventually drain back to the original water line after a few minutes.

I am wondering is the problem is that a new toilet is needed or if a pumpout of the septic is needed.  I believe the toilet has been replaced once in the 40 years( not sure) but thinking maybe the little holes around the rim could be filled up with mineral deposits (after 20 years).

I dont mind them spending for the septic pump or a new toilet, but am afraid if they need a new drainfield at their age it might not be wise to spend that money at their age.

So my question is this:  If the septic has not backed up yet, but just started the flushing oddity, would you assume all we need is a pumpout and no damage has been done to the drainfield yet?     Since I dont know anything about it, a plumber could tell me they needed a new drainfield, charge them 20K, when all they needed was a  pumpout.  Wouldnt the plumber be required to inform THE CITY if they needed a new drainfield and then they would be stuck trying to pay 20K?  (Now they live in the CITY LIMITS)

Just trying to help my parents avoid any scams and get stuck with some bills they would have trouble paying.

Hey Rob,
I believe all you need to do us pump out their tank and all should be well.  I am not an expert on septic tanks but I do own one and for 16 years have just had to pump it out once and that was after I moved in, so it is due again but not until I start getting that gurgling in my tub, LOL!  That is what started 1 month after I moved in and to my knowledge the previous owners had never pumped it out in the 20 years that they lived here so lets not jump to having to replace the drain lines and just get the system pumped out, it should run anywhere from $150-$250.  I would also think about using an additive though there are those who think they are not necessary, I do use them every now and then just to help keep my drain lines clear but even I am questioning their use after reading these articles, LOL.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays,

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