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hello jay, we have a huge problem in our home, we built in 2004..when we did the water pipes we put in copper, within the last year we have noticed that all and i mean all, shower, washer, kitchen and bathroom sink have started to run slower and slower until it was just almost a trickle, we took of all the old fauctes and noticed some red flakes which we thought may be cooper, after we changed them all the water went back to normal.for about a good 5-6 months, now it is back all over again!! we took off the shower head and its still running slow..idk what else to do at this point..

You are getting impurities in your water from somewhere. I would install a whole house sediment filter as close to where the water enters the house as possible. then, disassemble the faucets and flush them out as best you can. Next, I would have the water heater checked out, Do you have flexible connectors on it or any other equipment like softeners or filters? The flex connectors used on water heaters have been known to have the linings deteriorate and plug faucets. Lastly, if your  local water supply is piped with plastic pipe, when taps are done on the line, debris  gets into the mains and travels to branch lines feeding homes. This last possibility is a stretch but it has happened. The whole house filter will stop outside  debris from getting to your faucets.  

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