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QUESTION: So we just bought our house about 2months ago and we've noticed sputtering in the water  lines. It does it in the shower for about 1min then evens out, and also for a few seconds when you turn on any of the faucets in the sink. We have a well and we do have hard water. I checked the bladder tank on top of the water pump and the pressure wouldn't even register on the air gauge. I filled the tank to 23psi as the pump comes on at 25psi. We still have the problem and the tank is still pressurized to what I put in it after about two weeks. I was wondering I it was my hot water heater I've noticed that  the water is kind of white, maybe limescale build up? But it happens even if you turn on the cold water. Help please!

You are picking up air  somewhere in the system. Do you have a shallow well or deep? Is the pump a submersible or  is the pump in the house?  Does the water heater percolate, that is , rumble when heating? Did you check the bladder tank when the pump was off and the gauge showed 0 pressure? How old are the line going to the well? could there be a crack or small leak? These question are just a few of the many that will be necessary to diagnose the problem.

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QUESTION: Im not sure if it's shallow or deep, the pump is housed in the crawl space underneath my house with the bladder tank above it in a horizontal position. The pump was on when we checked the pressure. The black pipe that runs out from the well to the pump looks to be in good shape, the house was built in 99. We recently had to replace the few peices of pipe that connect from the black pipe and then elbow off into the pump due to corrosion from the hard water, the pipe was leaking, but we've had the problem before that had happened. The plumber used stainless steel and a brass check valve. There is some noise from the water heater, like a little girgle here and there while the water is on, but it looks to be a new water heater. I know that when they were showing the house that they kept shutting off the cold water supply to the tank, but I'm not sure that is helping our problem or not.

if the pump is in the house then you  can tell if it's shallow or deep  by the pipes leading into the pump. one  pipe = shallow , two pipes usually a deep well.  non submersible pumps are notorious for having air leaks. recheck the tank when the water has been drained down and the pump off. Also. recheck all you piping connection and replace with the least amount of fitting and joints. My  gut says air leak in piping between well and pump

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