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QUESTION: I am putting in an RV parking spot. The closest water source is a well about 50' away. Can I tee into outlet of the well and go to the RV without hurting the system?

ANSWER: I would need to know more about the entire system from well/pump to tank and things in between. For instance, if there is a check valve between the new tee and the pressure switch, the well pump wouldn't know when to turn on and you wouldn't be getting water back from the tank to your RV spots.  Can you see the pipes going from well to the tank etc?

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QUESTION: The plumbing has not yet started, but I think you hit the answer. If their is a check valve in the house what would be the best fix? The well is for a rent house and now is occupied by one person. It is not a problem to get in and work on. Would a check valve on the supply side of the tank work?          Thank you,,, you already saved me a bunch.  Ken

Hi Ken,

I'm not sure if this well is equipped with a Submersible Pump or a Jet Pump.  If it's a submersible pump, there should be a check valve in the Submersible and no other Check Valve should be needed.  So it can be removed.  If water then goes backwards toward the Submersible, there is a problem down the well and should be addressed.  If a Jet is used, there should be drop pipe in the well with a Foot Valve on the bottom so again, no Check Valve up top should be needed and again can be removed.

The problems with Check Valves above ground are numerous, but your main concern is that it doesn't hide the tank and pressure switch from the tee your trying to get water from.  Unless the pump was running (and was a sub) there would be no pressure at the tee.


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