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We have a terrible odor that started in the basement on Saturday and by Sunday the main floor also stinks.  I thought the smell was mold and called an environmental mold guy to come find/test.  He didn't find mold and said it was a sewer gas smell.  Trying to find what to do, points to a plumber.  I did call our sewer department and they claim if smell is in house that it is internal problem and to pour a lot of water into drain.  I tried that yesterday and it still smells.  How long should it take before smell is gone if it is a dry drain.  Also, I can see water in the drain anyway, so I would not think it could be dry.  So who do I call for help and could I use a hand auger to check for blockage?  We have had sewer back up twice about a year apart, but the last time was several months ago.

Dear Kay,

   Odor problems can be very difficult to track down.  As long as there is water in the trap of the drain, then sewer gas is prevented from entering through the trap under normal circumstances.  A dry trap would allow the odor from the gases to pass through the pipe into the house, but it should clear up very quickly once the trap is filled.

   It is possible that gas could be coming in from another source, such as another trap which has become dry.... these gases can be heavier than air and stay close to the ground which would give the impression that it was coming from the floor drain when it could be a tub, shower, sink or toilet.  It could also be any other type of opening in the pipe such as a cleanout or even a break in the line beneath the floor.

   I know this hasn't narrowed things down much for you, but I hope that the information can help you find the source and fix it.

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