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QUESTION: Hi, I'm having a problem with my Kohler Forte faucet. The hub (name according to their schematic), what I would call a post or the main part of the faucet, has become almost impossible to swivel in either direction. It takes a great deal of force. It's about three years old. I wanted to disassemble it to see if there was any build-up or anything else obviously causing the problem that I could fix. I got as far as the bonnet, which refuses to turn, left or right, by hand or with a wrench. Because the metal is so soft, I've already scuffed it up, using only very little elbow grease with a wrench and rubber padding. I am going to replace it, so scuffing it further isn't a concern. I want to know how to remove it.

I came across this in a Google search, and I've already tried your advice from that post. It didn't work, the bonnet still won't budge. Can I lay into with a wrench without fear of damaging the threads underneath? Is there something else I can try? Any advice for what to do when I get it off, to return it to a state where it swivels nicely and smoothly?


There are many "Kohler Forte" faucets. Which one are we dealing with here?

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QUESTION: Hi. Thanks so much for responding, and sorry I wasn't more specific! This is it, the single-hole with pull-out spray:

It's about three years old so I don't know if they've changed the internals or anything, the faucet itself looks identical to mine. This is the schematic I'm using, everything I've seen so far is identical to mine:

Again, thanks, and I hope this gives you what you need!

Hi AJ,
The swing spout is sealed by o-rings and moves on nylon "bearings".  Over time, hard water and gunk can build up and the o-rings dry out. Once you get the bonnet or gland nut off, the spout should just pull straight up and off by swinging it back and forth as you pull up. You can order a new nut if the current one gets trashed during removal.  The hardest thing is to keep the whole hub from turning as you remove the nut.  

Replace any worn parts like o-rings or nylon bushings. Inspect and clean the inside of the swing spout barrel. A small piece of "scotch brite" pad works well for this. Lube up the o-rings with silicone grease (usually supplied with o-ring kit) and carefully work them back into the grooves without twisting them.  Carefully slide the spout back on, swinging it back and forth as you push it down.

Here is a link to dis-assembly instructions. I think you may already have found these.

Good Luck,

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