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Hi.  Jay,
Today I accidentally dropped a bottle of  hair wax(round and size of palm without fingers) into whirling toilet and it completely drained into it. I haven't use the toilet since then, but I flushed it several time because I couldn't take it out. So far it flushes slowly but I am afraid that if there is any way to take it out not by removing whole toilet with plumbing service. I am renting an old apartment. Should I removed the whole toilet?

No. Removal is last resort. Try  draining  the water out of the bowl with a small cup and a sponge. The bottle is probably caught in the trap inside the toilet itself. With all the water out, try a plunger or possible wire, an unbent coat hanger works well. See if you can fish out the bottle. Flushing it down the line will cause more  head ache and  a large plumbing bill.  another idea is a vacuum cleaner but the toilet must be completely dry. Any water  will ruin the vac. and may give you one hell of a jolt. DO NOT USE ONE IF THERE IS ANY WATER PRESENT.

The wire  method works 9 out of 10 times.  

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