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I did CPVC/PVC work before. I just moved to a new townhouse.  The house was built in 1989.  The entire house is using gray color plastic tube pipes. I want to modify the laundry room and tee out both hot and cold water for an additional sink. I went to Lowes and saw they have PEX pipe and fitting. But I heard PEX is new technology and mine must not be it.  My question is if I can use PEX fittings and then PEX to branch (tee) the water since the size is standard size of 1/2".
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It sounds like you have Poly Butylene piping. You cannot use pex fittings and rings with this pipe. You can get PB to PEX adapter fittings or you can use shark bite fittings to make the transition between PB and PEX.

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