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QUESTION: house is 4 years old. Pressure has become low enough that I have to flush twice or hold handle down. Water company checked line pssure and it is 100 lbs. At the outside spickets there seems to be plenty of pressure. ?

ANSWER: So the problem is just with one toilet or are other fixtures inside experiencing low pressure? If its other fixtures do you have a Pressure Regulating Valve installed inside the house? What about a water softener?

If its just a sluggish toilet then maybe it needs to be snaked. If its just slow to fill then perhaps the fill valve is bad.

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QUESTION: all fixtures incuding the sinks have the pressure problem. Is it possible to have an air lock or some problem with the vents?

Do you have a PRV valve installed in the house? This can effect pressure if it stops working. Also take off an aerator at one of the sink faucets and check that for sediment or hard water build up.

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