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QUESTION: I am attaching a picture of my kitchen plumbing.  
It doesn't drain very well and I wonder if it is not built right.

ANSWER: Hi Kathy, no picture attached. Try again.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Picture attached, I hope.

ANSWER: Hi Kathy,
Finally got the picture. It looks fairly normal although that set up is called an "S-trap" that indicates this drain may not be vented.
Improper venting or no venting at all will cause a drain do not work correctly.

Have you or someone else taking it apart to see if there's any obstructions? Kitchen drain pipes do tend to clog up sooner than most do the nature of what gets drained down them, including greasy things.

It is fairly easy to disassemble everything you have there and make sure they are clean. If the problem is not in the visible pipes under the sink, you may need to have that line snaked out. Note: the p-trap will have water in it so be prepared to catch it in something.
Good Luck,

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QUESTION: I have taken it apart and cleaned it out.  It was not
Clogged.  The pipe that connects to each side and the
pipe that goes from the trap to the pipe that goes to
The basement are crammed together.  It seems like that is not right.

By "crammed together" do you mean that the horizontal pipes coming from either side are touching or almost touching inside of the T? If that's the case, you are correct, they shouldn't be. Somebody didn't bother to cut them off when they put this together. They should only penetrate into the T a maximum of 1 inch from each side and not cover up any of the bottom outlet of the T.  These types of connections are called "slip joints".

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