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I bought a new mobile home about 3 years ago and from the first day I noticed I could see water standing in the drains of both tubs and the shower just under the trap.  I had never noticed the water so close to the top of a drain before, and thought that was strange.  The water in the tubs seem to drain fine but by the time I finish a shower (further away from my septic tank)I'm standing in about an inch of water.  I have used everything to make sure there is no clog (shouldn't be in a brand new shower anyway) but nothing helps.  I am wondering if there may be a problem with the vent or if the p-traps are not installed correctly?  I should have reported the problem immediately but I didn't so now I'm stuck with the fix.

Hi , This is runingwolf

your problem:
water  in the drain is fine so long as it drains
It is what we plumber call a (waterseal) keep gas,smells out of your home. is a good thing.

standing water: If you had to fix it it is a small fix.. you can go under the home no problem...
a handy man can do the job,
Fixing the problem:

1.) first the flow of water must have 1/4 per inch to run into a drain.
2.) go underthe home and cut the pipe it is ( P.V.C.) white in color
or it may be (A.B.S.) black in color size: would be 1 -  1/2" to 2" no biger...
3.) at mid point cut it and run a water hose in the pipe flush it out going to the main down streem and take the hose in to your shower and flush it down see if any thing comes out of the pipe let it run for 5  to 8 min,s
4.) go to home depo ask the counter guy for a no- hub fitting $ 2.50 to 5.00
in stall this fitting and your done... you can all ways re use the fitting over.. and over..clean out . fee to the handy man $ 250. to 150.00 for this job. look for guys at home depo and show them the e-mail.
5.) now if the pitch is 1  1/4 per inch fine .
6.) It,s your tank needs to be looked at.

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