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Hello. We've had a really strong smell in our house ever since a plumber came and installed a new toilet. It literally smells like feces in our house! We live above an old shop and I can also smell it very strongly down in the shop as well. The smell is driving us nuts and with the holidays coming, I do not dare to have company over when our house smells like poop. PLEASE HELP. Thanks in advance!

Hello Allison,
I imagine that is quite annoying. Oddly enough, you would actually become accustomed to it and would notice it after a period of time. Back in ancient history, I was raised on a chicken ranch and by reports of people that visited, the smell was eye watering. My usual response was "What smell"? LOL  I know, that doesn't solve your problem.

Sewer gas smell inside the house is usually the result of a missing or non-connected/functioning plumbing venting system. Either there is no vent for that toilet or somehow it got blocked or disconnected.

Have you called the plumber back to resolve this issue? If this is something that started after they did their work, then they should return to help you solve the problem. Unfortunately, solving this problem will require somebody to make a site visit and examine the layout of the plumbing system. This is something that does not lend itself to an email solution.
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