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My septic tank system has a two tank system;heavy in to one; then so called gray water in to second;then pumped to drain field via sludge pump.All electric connections are inside the sweaty gray water tank. Here they they corrode;and burn out.Was this a really bad way to make electrical connections.

I am not in the Septic Tank business, but am very familiar with the burn system you have.  In my opinion and the opinion of a good friend of mine who has been doing septic tanks all his life these systems are a joke.  The only thing that accomplished is the tripling of the price of a septic system.   

To answer your question:  Putting electrical connections any where near hydrogen sulfide gas is a bad idea.  They will turn black and eventually go bad.  That and the pump lives about three years on average and will have to be replaced.

I am still trying to understand the logic of putting a drain field above the natural ground level on a bed of sand.  When the pump comes on, fills the fields, the water has to go down;  right???  So why start it 3 feet or so above the ground that is is going to seep into naturally anyway?

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