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Hi Dana,

My plumber has run 1 inch black iron pipe parallel in-between the joists.  He's used furring strips for supporting this run so basically the run lays ontop of the strips.  It seems to support the weight of the pipe, and the inspector did say anything about it.  I've looked at the code below, but can't figure out if its acceptable.  How acceptable is this practice?

"Piping shall be supported with pipe hooks, metal pipe straps, bands, brackets or hangers suitable for the size of piping, of adequate strength and quality, and located at intervals so as to prevent or damp out excessive vibration. Piping shall be anchored to prevent undue strains on connected equipment and shall not be supported by other piping. Pipe hangers and supports shall conform to the requirements of MSS SP-58 and shall be spaced in accordance with Section G2424. Supports, hangers, and anchors shall be
installed so as not to interfere with the free expansion and contraction of the piping between anchors. All parts of the supporting equipment shall be designed and installed so they will not be disengaged by movement of the supported piping."


Hello Thomas,
Black Iron gas pipe is pretty rugged.  The weak point of any threaded system is the joints because part of the wall thickness has been removed during the threading process.

Your plumber's method is acceptable but if the piping is not restricted from side-to-side motion, it might put strain on those joints. A bit of plumbers tape at the supports along the run every 10 feet or so would handle that issue. Piping expands and contracts lengthwise and must be allowed to move a bit so it should not be "locked down".

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