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Ok i am having a wierd problem. I have an older home built in 1948. I have the original oil burner, no seperate water heater,  with base board water heat. its a levitt home pretty simple untouched. kitchen and bathroom behind the kitchen all the plumbing in one place. so about a month ago the line from the wall to toilet broke/leaked i changed it. pretty simple. ever since then sometime my faucets, whether it be shower, kitchen or bathroom sink are hard to turn sometime. i have good water pressure and good hot water. so sometiimes if i put my dishwasher on to fill or washer to fill it wont unless i turn the faucet on first to sort of unstik it. I have turned the main water off at the street then bleed the system got all the air out and turn it back on . but no change . i dont know what else to try. any suggestions.

Hi Matt,
Sorry for the delay. I was out of town for a couple of weeks but back now.

If the original shut off valves are still in use, the washers may have worn through and come loose inside the valve.  This can fully or partially block the water flow.  

I would suggest replacing all the shut off valves at each fixture with the new 1/4 turn ball valve style and using braided stainless steel flex lines for supplies. Obviously, this would require shutting off the water to the house so make sure you have all the stuff you need before starting this.
Good Luck,

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