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I am thinking of replacing my electric water heater with a propane tank less water heater mounted outside. The house is 1000sf with 1.5 bathrooms with dishwasher and clothes washer. We may expand to 1500 sf and have 2 full baths. I have looked at the Rheem from home depot but have found a website of a company in Texas. I am looking at their Rinnai Rl75e and the ru80e. The both come with the flushing kit. The rl is 80% efficient and the ru is 96.5 % The ru comes to $1378 and the rl is $1060
Free shipping is included. My question is what are your thoughts on RHeem compared to Rinnai and should I go for the high efficiency?
I think the Rheem does not come with the flushing kit.
Thank You Tom M

I only recommend tankless heaters to people who live in warm climates because of the incoming water temperatures during winter months. If you live in the warmer parts of Cal. then I would not hesitate to install one. I am an efficiency monger so I would go with the high efficiency unit. Rheem and Rinnai are both very good units. If I am not mistaken Rinnai was one of the pioneers of tankless systems. One thing to keep in mind when installing one, be sure you plan for a properly sized chimney(if not using a direct vent)and be sure your gas line is sized properly to handle the large BTU inputs.


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