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Thanks for your help in advance.  I have deep well in Putnam county New York a very rocky area.  Bought my house 8 years ago and was told we had hard water but and now convinced that it is extremely soft and has always been that way.  The water gives you diarrhea after one glass and has tested negative for coliform and called potable twice in the past by a lab.  I have a ge whole house sediment filter installed and a kenmore water softner.  I've done 2 water tests of untreated well water (Home Depot test strips) one in summer and one now in winter.  Both times same result - ph 5.5-6, Alk-120-180, total hardness 0, total iron 0 copper 0, nitrate10 nitrite 0.  I'm having water tested now for all other drinking standards and will have results shortly.  I'm looking to get great drinking water for the whole house.  Any ideas on why the diarrhea?  Can I add new equipment or use my existing softner system to solve the issue?  Should I put salt in the softner system?

Hi Thomas,

Sorry I'm late getting back to you.  I had computer problems.  

Water with no hardness or iron is almost always surface (rain) water.  Rain water is naturally acidic with a PH of around 5.5 - 6.  Having no hardness tells us that it hasn't migrated down through any mineral rich soil.  I wouldn't put a lot of faith in the test strips form HD either.  You should be able to get a free water test from your local health dept.  They will test for Coliform bacteria, nitrates and nitrites.  Possibly lead and a few other things as well.  If it were me, I would have a new well drilled by a professional and go for the naturally safe deeper water.

The in line cartridge filter you have will do absolutely no good at all.  It will simply plug up and cost you more money for new cartridges.  I would remove the cartridge and leave the canister empty.  The water softener isn't necessary either since you have totally soft water.

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