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Dear Master Plumber,
I have a fiberglass shower base that is discolored from years of usage.  How do I clean/restore it?

Thanks for your advice.

Nat, A lot depends on whether or not the gloss finish coat that was applied during manufacturer is still intact. If after normal cleaning with tub and tile cleaner like "shower power" or "kaboom" or any of the foaming products out there the surface is not clean and shiny then it may be to far gone to bring back to original luster. I recommend a product  made by Mr. Clean called the "eraser" or something like that. It's a white foam pad that works really well with the foam cleaners. If all that   still doesn't bring it back, you can try  some of the automotive  body restoring  products out there. The Fiberglas tubs and showers are made very similar to the plastic body parts on a lot of cars. Corvette's,for example,are Fiberglas. If all else fails and you don't want to replace there are companies out there that refinish fixtures right in the home. Bathcrafters is one that comes to mind. They are are about half of what it would cost to replace in most cases.


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