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We have a gas water heater. Often times, I end up with just a lukewarm shower, and other times it's nice and hot, where I almost have to adjust the shower valve down. Why this flux in the temperature. It has happened whether other water is running or not, the toilet has been flushed or not. I just don't get it and is most frustrating to hop in the shower and the water just isn't hot enough for comfort at times. HELP!!!

Do you have a single handle shower valve that you turn gradually to the left to increase water temperature? If so there is a special cartridge in this valve called a pressure balancing cartridge. It keeps a equal pressure on both sides of the valve to stop a burst of hot water that you might get when somebody flushes a toilet. There is a small piece in this valve that can get stuck from age or hard water. If it gets stuck the valve wont work properly. Replace the cartridge, this should stop the problem.

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