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We live in a 50 year old home and we frequently get sewage back-ups from the floor drain.  We found this was happening most often when people would use the basement toilet for "solid waste", but recently it happened with sewage that went down the kitchen disposal.  Both of these are on the same side of the house.  We have had professionals come in and snack out the drain with Video and said everything looks fine, yet it continues to happen.  

Recently someone mentioned that it could be a clogged vent stack to the roof that is causing this to happen.  This happens intermittently.  My question is, do you think it's possible, and is it likely, that a clogged vent stack could be the cause of the all of this sewage backing up through the floor drain?


Its possible that the vent could be clogged, making the drain sluggish, which could cause a partial backup. Its worth getting somebody to snake down through the vent pipe and into the drain to see if this helps with the problem. Also make sure your basement toilet is flushing well and adjust the amount of water for each flush if needed.

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