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When I go away on a trip for several days, I turn off my hot water heater.
When I got back from my latest trip, turned the power back on and the hot water was very hot.  I turned down the thermostat (top and bottom) to lower temps.  Eventually the water was cold.  I checked and saw that the reset button had "popped".  I pushed it back in (with the power off) and did get hot water but very hot again.  I have the thermostat at about their lowest levels.
It is a 47 gallon state industries water heater.  It does have two thermostats.  It is about 10 years old.

ANSWER: Dear Matt.

   It is most likely a problem with the thermostats on the water heater, though at 10 years I would also be concerned about the heating elements unless they had been replaced recently already.

   The thermostats are not hard or expensive to replace, but with a 10 year old tank you need to ask yourself if it is worth doing or if you would rather replace the heater itself.

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QUESTION: Thanks for your quick response Thomas.   Well if I go the route to replace it, what do you think is a fair price to pay for a new water heater and the service to install it?  Should I go with a home depot or Lowe's or a local plumber?

thanks again,


Hey Matt,

The best way to save money would be to buy one at lowes or home depot and install it yourself, but if any piping or anything may need to be changed, then paying for someone to install it would be more cost effective for you.  The water heater warranty will cover the cost of the water heater but not the labor required to install or replace it.  

A water heater with a 10 year warranty from one of the hardware stores is just as good as the ones which are supplied only through plumbing companies...  John's Mansfield, Rheem, Bradford White and other's who are only available through professionals are more expensive because they have an established reputation for quality.  Nonetheless, the warranty coverage is the same regardless of the name on the package.  Also, many of the different name brands are actually manufactured in the same place and only the label gets changed.

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