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QUESTION: we live in an older mobile home and recently we developed a problem with our hot water pressure. the cold water has good pressure but the hot basically just trickles out and you has hear a hiss like a crimped water hose makes back by the water heater itself. any ideas or suggestions short of calling in a repair man???

ANSWER: Hi Chris,
Unless you're handy with tools and familiar with plumbing, attempting a repair like this can be chancy. You could end up with a significant leak or no water at all.
It sounds like there may be a restriction somewhere near the hot water outlet of the water heater. If the water flow rate problem on the hot side is occurring everywhere, that is likely to be in the piping system, somewhere near the water heater. How easy it is to fix this problem depends on how the water heater is connected. Out here in earthquake country, we use large diameter flexible connectors to hook up the water heaters. In many other places they may be "hard piped" which makes it more difficult. If it is hard piped in, you should probably contact a qualified plumber to check this out.
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QUESTION: the landlord here used that plastic flex line stuff. would it be easier if someone got underneath the trailer and watched the lines as the how water was turned on? to me it acts like a water hose when you kink it, the hissing noise and drop in pressure

Trailers are a whole different ball game.  They often use polybutylene piping,  typically gray in color, from the factory.  Difficult to work with. It is very possible that something is kinked somewhere. It is susceptible to damage from heat so I would check around the area of the top of the water heater to see if the piping there is to close to a heat source and might have collapsed because of it. One cannot often see the piping underneath a mobile home because of the wind covering that is installed on the bottom to keep insulation from blowing away when the trailer is towed over the road. It is usually a heavy, stiff cardboard of some type and removing it, especially if it's old will damage it.

If this is a rental unit, it's a landlord's responsibility to make any repairs. Not having hot water in a usable form might be a health department issue. It would be out here but I don't know in your area.

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