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We live in an area with "problem" water and have a water system to take out iron and sulfer smell.  A few month's ago the water treatment company we were working with replaced the water conditioner and within a few weeks we started having resin beads clogging the water fixtures throughout the house.  After many service trips with this company, we decided to get some advice from a plumber, who suggested we go with a differant iron filter.  While installing the filter he was checking the softner hook ups and found them to be hooked up backwards.  Since then we have had no problems at all.  Was wrong hook causing the resin to come up into the house?

Hi Teresa,

Hooking it up backwards will certainly put resin into your plumbing.  Some units have a top screen that prevents this in case the resin bed rises too high or if they hook it up just like they did.

I don't suppose this Softener company is willing to make it right by you for messing up like they did.  It's too bad that we have people in the business who don't even know what is the in/out of the unit they sold.

There is a new unit out that I have been using with great results lately.  It takes out iron and sulphur both with only one head and tank.  It really works great.  You would still need a softener, but that would be it.  Just two units.

If you have more questions you can get me quicker at  Speedbump is my username.  It's my Website and Forum.


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