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    I have a 3 ft diameter 5 ft deep sump hole in my basement.  It has a flow rate of about 5 gpm.  I was thinking of using this water in a open-loop geothermal system, but it needs up to 6 gpm at 50 psi.

   Is it possible to pump this into a bladder/tank and have a backup source (my well) take up the slack?

   I know I could just connect the well to my open-loop geothermal, but I thought since I have to pump that sump out anyway, why not use that water.


Hi Brian,
Geothermal systems are not my area.  I know little about them. Cool but "greek" to me.  What is an "open loop" geothermal system?

On a more practical vein....
That size sump is only about 30 gallons.  Not that much in the overall scheme of things. Your current sump pump will empty it in about 6 minutes. Increasing the flow rate will only speed this up. the pump would soon be sucking air.  This type of pump is not designed to generate pressure. The capacity in gpm is at a specified "head". Head is the distance of lift above the base of the pump. As the head increases, the flow rate goes down. The only way to generate pressure is by using gravity or "fall" or with a pressure booster system with the proper type of pump.

All things considered I think it's a waste of time and brain cells to do this. LOL  Any benefit will be pretty small, likely none at all considering the expense of rigging it up.
Good Luck,

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