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We are putting in a 300Kbto natural has pool heater. The only other user is a 30000 BTU fireplace. We have electric heat.

The Meter we have it says;

ANSI Calss 250
250/196 cfm @ WC
5 psig

The regulator. Hard to read; but I think
OR1   1/8
7 IWC out

Plan was to use 1.5" pipe to the meter, its about 100ft away.

Is the mater large enough. Based on the cfh rating it sounds low, but then I saw a few posts that say its large enough.


Hi Gerald,
Gas delivery piping systems can be very finicky and must be properly calculated to provide the proper amount of gas at the demand location. If the item or appliance is "starved", it will malfunction and generally produce excessive CO and soot.

The natural gas provided in your area will have an energy content factor that needs to be calculated. It is not the same in all parts of the country. Your local gas provider can tell you what the factor is that you need to use in your calculations. Here in California, that factor is 1100. The way this is used is that the BTU rating on the appliance is divided by 1100 (in my case) to determine the actual CFM of the demand. This, along with the length of the run from the meter, (accounting for friction loss etc.) will determine the size of the pipe needed to supply that demand at that distance from the source.

I would check with your local gas supplier or a qualified licensed plumber to get these calculations done to make sure that your installation is correct and the meter size is sufficient. These calculations do not take into account things like seasonal use etc. It is calculated on a "worst-case" or full demand by all appliances on the system basis with no "fudge factor" allowed.<grin>
Good Luck,

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