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We have a 2 story home.  We have septic systems.  The bottom of the house is on one system and the top is on the other.  In the bottom septic system, it is a lift station that lifts the grey water to the upper septic system.  We are wanting to know if there is an indoor type of lift system we could put on the plumbing downstairs, to lift that matter to the upper sewage lines so that it would go directly into the upper septic system.?  The system down stairs has a bathroom and a kitchen sink.  The bathroom is not used at this time because the lower septic system cannot handle waste other than grey water.
We are noticing in the lifting station, that the concrete casing is starting to decay and leaving silt in the bottom of the lift station.  So hence we are trying to find another solution.  If you have any suggestions we would appreciate your help.

Dear Steve,

Yes, there are systems which can be used to replace the one you have, and it sounds as though your current system may be quite old and outdated.

Most modern systems use a "Grinder" pump similar to a garbage disposal and can use a discharge pipe as small as one inch.

Above is a link to a google search that I just did where you can find information about these systems.  I would recommend reviewing this information before talking with any professionals about installing such a system.  That way you can avoid paying too much or being taken advantage of by any unscrupulous contractors.

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