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QUESTION: I am trying to replace a jay bend in my sink that cracked. I got the appropriate 1 and 1/4 size, however, the with of the j bends on the market are about a quarter to a half inch thicker for some reason. I do not mean the part you screw, I am referring to the width of the entire product. I tried to push the pipe into the fall to make it screw in, but I am afraid this will eventually cause a leake.
I am not able to find the original size. what do I do?

ANSWER: Dear Lisa,

I am suggesting the following link to help you with this project.

Most sink traps come in two diameters... 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" taking a part of the old trap with you can help to match that size properly.

The next issue is that chrome or metal traps are sized differently than plastic traps. So it doesn't work very well to mix plastic and metal parts of a trap.

Traps also come in different configurations and the J and U bends can be different too.

If the piece which goes into the wall is too long, then you will want to remove it and cut some off from the end to shorten it.

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QUESTION: first, thanks so much for responding. much appreciation. I know it is a 1 and 1/4, I am not changing materials, going metal to metal. I do not have the capacity to cut a pipe and the jay bend is so old that the manufacturers are not making that size any more. the company is WB wolverine and they told me they only work with plumbers and gave me the name of one..who has not called back. The company won't send me the part and I have no way of knowing if it is even the right part. I have tried three different jay bends and they are all a quarter to a half inch to big. if cutting the pipe is my only option ,then I suppose it is time to call a plumber. Is is possible to get a plastic flexible one?

Dear Lisa,

These traps are kind of tricky items to deal with and because of age and corrosion and stuff can be a lot of trouble if you don't have parts and tools right at hand.

It does sound like calling a plumber would be the best solution.  Don't worry about the manufacturer.  Any contractor that you might call should have the tools and parts that he needs and this should not be a very difficult or expensive job.  I would try to find one that will give you a free estimate after coming to look at it.

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