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QUESTION: Dear Mr. Ambler,

I know you hate brand specific questions, but here goes.  About 5 years ago, I bought a Barclay Victorian High Tank toilet.  It's a reverse-trap toilet with a brass elbow entering the rear of the bowl.  I love the aesthetics of it, but sometimes its performance can be lackluster and require a few flushes to get everything to go down.  So yesterday at Lowe's I purchased a Keeney FlushAll flush valve.  It has a 3-inch flapper and funnels down to a 2-inch opening to give 40% better flushing performance.  Well it worked well,  a little too well I'm afraid.  Because of the increased pressure it caused all the brass joints in the down pipe to spring leaks.  I tightened everything back up and put back the old flush valve.  Now the only place it leaks is at the spud going into the back of the toilet.  I've tightened all the threads but it still drips.  Is there anything I can do with the rubber seal around the spud to keep it from leaking?  I thought maybe heating it with a hairdryer?  Any info would be much appreciated.  Thanks.

- Karl

ANSWER: Dear Karl,

It does keep things interesting to consider different types of problems and this one is unique.  Also, rather than being brand specific your question goes to the general principals and mechanics of the toilet in question.

So anyway, the spud washer needs to seal the interface between the porcelain of the toilet and the pipe bringing the water to the bowl.  It needs slight pressure to form the seal, but almost more importantly it needs clean smooth surfaces to press against.

I would check the surfaces and ensure that they are thoroughly clean. Then you might wish to apply a thin coating of petroleum jelly to the surface of the spud.

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QUESTION: Thank you for your advice.  One more question - I bought a product at Home Depot called Amazing Goop.  It comes in a purple tube and says it's a contact adhesive and sealant.  Do you have any experience with this product?  Should I try this or use the petroleum jelly first?  It only drips about 5 or 6 drops per flush.  

- Karl

Dear Karl,

I am against using any type of adhesive sealant on rubber gaskets or washers... I'll tell you though that there are others who disagree with me.

If there is water seeping around a gasket like the spud, then there is at least one place that the spud is not sealing the gap.  If cleaning it up and sanding the opening doesn't fix it, then often something like petroleum jelly, wax or plumber's putty will seal those gaps without damaging the gasket material or making it harder to seal later on with bits stuck to the porcelain or other opening.

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