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Hi Carlos,

How likely is it that excess water pressure in a condo unit can cause an angle stop to fail?  Do they simply wear out over time anyway?  We've had some pressure problems in our condo building, and some owners want the homeowner's association to pay for their angle stop replacements.  But I'm of the opinion that angle stop replacement is just normal wear and tear.


very likely it is the main building pressure reg, that control all pressure in the building
yes you are right...and it will cause the toilet valve to go frist.
in time lets say 6 month to a year most of your fixture seals will go...and it is the owner problem cheep guy...after you find this problem get a copy of this email and give it to the association tell them the owner must go unit to unit to replace all seal damage due to his or her bing cheep lack of maintence.

now let test your build pressure:

go to home depo ask the guys in the plumbing dep, for a pressure gage it will have hose bib fitting at the end.
2. go to your washer in your unit shut the cold line off put on the gage it must not run over 80 p.s.i.
if so yes your reg, is out and in need of replacement. ( at the owner expence) cheep baster. all of them are the same,

3. go in front of the building find the hose bib also put on the gage to see the pressure if you find it above 80 p.s.i ask the association to have it looked by not the plumber your using more then likely he is told what to say. kick backs are common.

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