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QUESTION: I have an odd situation: In my bedroom shower, I get only hot matter what position the handle is in. Also, the water is hotter coming from the cold side of the handle compared to the actual hot side. My lowest-temperature water is when I have the handle set dead in the middle, and even then, it gets pretty hot, to where you have to stand all the way to the back of the shower to avoid as much of the water as possible. This has been going on for almost a year. We haven't made any changes to our shower setup since we bought the house 10 years ago.

The rest of the house -- all the sinks, the shower in the other bathroom, the dishwasher and washing machine, the toilets -- are all fine and function as they should. Any ideas what is causing this?

ANSWER: Charles, I honestly thought I had answered this question, so I apologize for it getting to you so late.
By your description I am assuming that you have a single handle tub/shower faucet. Depending on the brand, it may be a very simple fix. There is either an obstruction in the water supply line on the cold side or more likely the faucet cartridges  is plugged or worn out. I would replace the internal cartridge. If you have the  confidence to do it yourself, find out the brand name and go to your local plumbing supply house or one of the big box stores for a replacement. Instructions will be included or you can go to the manufacturers website for detailed instructions. It is a very easy  repair. Tip: When you have the faucet apart, have someone turn the water on for 30 seconds or so while you hold a plastic cup or bowl over the opening and give the line good flushing out. Turn the water back off and proceed to reinstall new cart.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Actually, I forgot to mention that this is a showerhead-only shower, not a tub/faucet model. Not sure of the brand; I know the showerhead itself was replaced years ago with a fancier, water-saving head (again, well before we ever moved here).

My fear is that I'm going to have to have someone tear out the wall (and fiberglass shower panel) in the shower to get to wherever the problem is.

Charles, The probability of that extensive of a repair is very low. The faucet rebuild can be done from inside the shower. Also it doesn't matter if it's a shower only or a combination tub/shower faucet.
Replacing the cartridge is the first step in the process of elimination.

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