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Recently had a bathroom renovation.  The toilet had always leaked at the base and assumed this would be fixed.  Alas, the toilet is still leaking at the base.  I called the contractor and they replaced the wax ring....toilet still leaking.  I live in a high rise and the contractor spoke with building maintenance.  Contractor tells me this is an issue with the plumbing in the building.  Of course building maintenance tells me it's a problem with the contractor.  I'm not sure who to believe.  Could this be an issue with the plumbing in the building?

If the was seal was installed properly and the  flange  is solid and intact, then the problem is more than likely the toilet. It is absolutely imperative that the flange is screwed securely to the floor in order for the wax seal to work properly. The flange is what holds the toilet to the floor.
Other possibilities:
There could be a hairline crack in the china bowl or perhaps the seal between the bowl and the tank is leaking. Your contractor should  verify this. If that is the case, replace the toilet The contractor is responsible for providing a leak free job upon completion. Unless the building maintenance guys did work on this toilet after the contractor finished his work, then the contractor is liable for his workmanship. A good contractor will get to the bottom of the problem and make it right if he values his reputation.

Try this, put some food coloring in the water  in the tank. DO not flush for a few hours. Check the back and sides of the bowl on the outside with some white paper towels and see if the is any sign of the coloring on the paper after you wipe it down. If not, then add coloring to the bowl, do not flush yet, let it sit and see if the coloring appears on the floor at the base. If you see coloring then the toilet is probably cracked. Remember, do not flush during this test or you will not know for sure if it's the seal or a crack. If no coloring is seen, then I would say the wax seal is the culprit.

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