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My kitchen faucet leaks at the base - only when I am running the hot or cold water at the sink.  My husband took the faucet apart and believes that it is the washers - there appears to be two of them.  Anything we should know about replacing these washers or is it a fairly simple and uncomplicated procedure?  Thanks for your assistance - you've been great in helping us solve problems in the past! A really great website!

Marie, The  faucet has "o" rings on the  body to stop leakage from the base of the spout.  Turn off the water to the faucet, remove the bonnet cap. This cap is what holds the spout  on an is under the handle on a single handle kitchen faucet. On a two handles faucet is in on top of the spout. Once the retaining cap is removed, gently lift off the spout. You will see two "o" rings on the valve body, they look like round , black rubber bands, replace them with new ones from a faucet repair kit of the brand faucet you have. If you do not know the brand, take the rings to a hardware store and they can match them up with replacements. Reassemble  and turn on water to test. Piece of cake:-)


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