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We are a small remodeling company and have been asked to relocate a laundry room from the garage to the upstairs master bedroom closet. Obviously, we can do the carpentry work but will have to sub out the plumbing and electrical. Can you tell me an approximate price range for both subs?

Beverly, Questions concerning cost estimates are the most difficult to answer and vary tendentiously because of geographical locations. Country  plumbers charge significantly less than city plumbers and large companies charge a lot more than small "mom & pop" shops because of overhead. So to, do union and non union shops. As a business person, I am sure you knew this. But, with all that being said, If you have a good feel for the hourly rate for plumbers and electricians in your part of the world, you could probably be safe with figuring a mechanic and a helper for a couple  eight hour days for the plumbing and a day for the electrician and his helper, double it cover the materials and add 25% for profit and overhead. Or.. forget everything I just said and call in your subs for prices since they would have to look at the job first and assess the difficulty and feasibility. If they don't come to look, find someone else because you will probably not get a good  estimate and end up loosing the job to your competitors or getting the job and loosing money.
If I could offer some unsolicited advise..find a couple of good subs for this kind of work and once you are satisfied with their work, establish a exclusive relationship with them because their work will effect your reputation as a contractor no matter how good your carpentry skills are. If the mechanics of the job are faulty, your customers will slam you every chance they get when their remodeling or building project gets mentioned.

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