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QUESTION: I accidently flushed a 3 oz plastic cup down the toilet-any way to dissolve it or get it out? We have plastic pipes and septic.
Thank you,

ANSWER: Dear Susan,

    Someone with a good toilet snake may be able to extract the cup.  If it is the soft kind, then it should be fairly easy to do.... if it is a hard plastic then it may be necessary to pull the toilet and turn it upside down to get the cup to fall out.  Note that it may have to travel through the trap of the toilet which is an S type curve.

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QUESTION: What type of snake would you recommend? Would a snake push it further down? It is a soft plastic, could I use something to help it dissolve or breakdown? How would I work the snake? Someone on the internet said to drain the water and it might come up, is that true?
God bless, too!!

Closet Auger
Closet Auger  
ANSWER: Dear Susan,
    I am going to try to attach a picture of a "Closet Auger" which is a snake for toilets.  Getting the cup to go further down the line is not a good idea since it could become lodged somewhere else and make a bigger problem.  Also, I don't know of anything that would dissolve it without harming the pipes or the toilet.

    The idea is to remove the cup in one piece if possible or else to break it up small enough to safely pass through the line.

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QUESTION: What would be the best way to try to break it up? Would using the auger make it go down further? The toilet has the gurgle today!! So not completely  clogged? I put dish soap and vinegar inside the bowl Anyway to get a camera down there? Can the cup safely pass through to the septic system?
God bless, Tom!! And thank you.

Dear Susan,

   The auger is designed with a hook to try and grasp objects and pull them back out of the toilet... it is also strong enough so that if it can't be pulled back up it could break it up into small pieces.  Anything that is small enough to pass through the bottom of the toilet should be small enough to fit through the pipes to the septic.

   A camera could be used, but would be very expensive.  If someone could pull the toilet and turn it upside down, you would probably see the cup lodged in the opening at the bottom.

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