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Good day
With reference to a State Industries water heater I had the following questions:
Water has accumulated in the water pan at the bottom of the water heater. Is this normal?
The apartment has been vacant (no one using the water for 3 weeks) and the air condition was left on at 79 Farenheit (trip off mode).
What should I do?

Hello Sam,
There can be a number of reasons for this.

1. Does the pan itself have a drain? If so, it may be blocked. In any case, water accumulating in the drain pan is not good.

2. The water heater or associated plumbing has started to leak.

3. The temperature/pressure relief valve may be leaking and if it is drained into the pan, that could be the source of the water. These TPRV valves are typically set to release at 150 PSI or 212 F to keep the water heater from exploding if something goes wrong.

4. Does the air-conditioner condensate drain empty into the water heater's drain pan? Air-conditioners running in humid climates can generate a considerable amount of water from condensation.

All water heaters are essentially the same. Whether they be gas or electric powered, they heat and hold stored water based on the set point of the thermostat. When water is heated, it expands. If no water is being used, it is effectively a closed system and the expansion will sometimes raise the pressure inside the tank enough to push out a little water through the TPRV. The way to eliminate this problem is by installing an expansion tank.

I would suggest that you have a plumber take a look at this to determine the sources of water and whether it is a problem or not.
Good luck,

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