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I have a 4" submersible well. I woke up this morning and there was no water. I can usually hear water pumping down by the well but this morning I could not. I turned off the breaker to the well and then I could hear water flowing. I assume is was flushing backwards. I turned the pump back on and it came up to pressure and I had water. I had noticed yesterday that the water pressure was pretty low. I checked my sediment filter yesterday and it was clear. I had just cleared it a few days ago.

More about my system as I know it. I moved into the house a couple months ago. It is a 4" submersible well of unknown depth. The house was built in 1990 so I assume the well was done then. I don't know if it is original pump. I am surrounded by wetlands so I can't imagine the well would have gone dry. I have a screen type sediment filter in the house that I seem to have to clean about monthly. There is a huge pressure tank. It stands about 5' tall. From the well, the water splits to provide water to my house and separately to my open loop geothermal heating/cooling system which was just replaced in Feb. The first geothermal system was installed in 1990 so I assume the well was not necessarily designed for geothermal although I don't know if anything was done to accommodate that.

My assumption is that maybe a screen or something was plugged in the well or that something was caught in the impeller and when I killed power, it flushed it clear. I fear it is a screen though because the water pressure seemed to get low. I seem to have good pressure now but I don't know how long it will last.

Also, my wife insists on setting the cooling at 70 degrees and I fear we are abusing the well doing that.

Thanks for you advice!

Hi Mike,

From the limited info, it would be hard to troubleshoot the problem.  The fact that turning off and on the breaker, could indicate something, but not sure what.  Could be that the overload in the motor tripped for some reason and your flipping the breaker was just coincidental.

What needs to be done is to put an amp meter on the wires going to the motor to see if the amps are correct or if the motor is pulling high amps which would cause it to trip out.

If you can get me more particulars, I can be more helpful.


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