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Hi Jay,

Here's my question with the image of the faucets (I had forgotten to attach the pics in my previous email).

I disconnected my washer machine's intake hoses in order to replace the small hose filters, and noticed the faucets are dripping even when closed tight. How can I fix this situation?

Thank you in advance,


Rick, If the faucets are dripping from the outlet, that is the point where the hoses connect, you will have to either replace the faucets or replace the washers.Because your  laundry valves are built in to a laundry box, replacing the hose bibbs(faucets) will be tricky. You will have to open up the wall in order to disconnect them. (a stupid design to say the least) These boxes are  designed to fit between the wall studs and create a finished look. No consideration was given to repairs when needed. Anyway, the washers can be replaced as long as the seats are not shot. To do this you will have to  spray the bonnet nut with a good penetrating  oil spray like bonnet, then ever-so-gently, hold the bibb body with a pair of channel locks and unscrew the large nut that is under the stem seal nut. The small nut that the stem passes through is the stem seal or packing nut. (it looks like about 3/8 or so) The nut you want to loosen is the larger one the is part of the valve body. Slowly turn that nut counter-clockwise. Before you attempt to remove it ,make sure the water is off and the valve is open. You are essentially disassembling the valve to get to the washer. Once apart, pop on a new washer and reassemble.  You won't know what size washer you will need until you get it apart. Every company uses a different size.
With all that being said, My advise is to open the wall and replace them, they look beat. If you are not comfortable with you plumbing prowess I would call a good plumber and have it done. Everyone should be closing these valves when not using the laundry, I have seen many hoses burst and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. Just my  opinion!

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