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The main line to the well tank broke. Don't know age of tank. We were getting a basement dewatering system put in and the vibration from the jack hammer broke the line right up against the tank. The pressure gage reads about 48 psi, but it seems like there isn't any water in it. A new line was put in and we have water to our house. Should I check anything?

Steve, I  would check to see if the pump comes on immediately when a faucet is opened, also watch the pressure gage when water is running, pressure should drop slowly if tank is properly charged. Is this a bladder type tank and is the pump submersible or is it above ground? Bladder tanks have a fitting like a tire inflator valve on the top. If so, turn off the power to the pump, run water until it stops and check this valve with an air gage. It should be 2lbs less than the  pump cut in setting. If the switch is a 20 on 40 off then the air charge should be 18 psi If it's a 30 on 50 off then it should be 28psi.
If you are getting sufficient water and the pump starts and stops  as it should, I would say you are ok

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