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QUESTION: I live in an apartment and they had to replace the showerhead. It's only 2.0 GPM, not very strong flow. I took it apart to see if I could remove the restrictor, but it's evidently one of those kinds that you can't (too big to remove through the hole). Anyway, I see that the max. flow for showerheads is 2.5GPM. I wouldn't think so, but would that make a noticeable difference?  Thanks

ANSWER: Lee, 2.0 to 2.5GPM will be marginally noticeable. Usually by the time water passes through the faucet, pressure and volume have been reduced dramatically. I would try a couple different heads as they all have a different in design and perceived  feel.


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QUESTION: Would you happen to know of a showerhead sold retail (like at a Walmart, etc) with a flow restrictor that can EASILY be removed?  Thanks

Lee, I am sorry but I don't know of a specific brand since the faucets I install come with heads. I would go to a big box store like Lowes or Home depot and look at a variety of different heads. You could also drill out the one you have now so the holes in the restricter are larger.  

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