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QUESTION: We just purchased a place at 10000 ft elevation with well water.  The well was tested, and tested great.  

The water heater was very old, and we replaced it with a tankless water heater using gas.  Ever since that occurred ALL of our faucets are sputtering, 'grasping' for water every so often.  It happens every shower (there is 1 bathroom) every couple of flushes (there is 1 toilet), and every so often when washing dishes/hands.  There is no washer/dryer or dishwasher.  

We did not have this problem with the old water heater.  How can we fix it?  Thanks

ANSWER: Hmmm.  Could be a few things.  This is what I would do if I was you.....and right now that sounds like a fun place to be for me!!!!

Install a new fill valve on your toilet.  Get a Fluidmaster 400A at Lowes or Home Depot.  Do not get anything other than a Fluidmaster fill valve, no matter WHAT they MAY try to tell you.

Install it in the toilet and let me know if it goes away.  That is usually the culprit, regardless of where you hear the sounds, even if you hear them on the other side of the house, doesn't matter, the fill valve cures it 95% of the time.

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QUESTION: Hi there,

It didn't go away with the fill valve replacement.  I think it happens only when the cold water is on...

Any other suggestions?

Well its going to get confusing now and you're going to have to do a lot of work. You're going to have to narrow down WHAT is causing it.  Could be a cheap faucet.  Did you install a faucet recently?  Go to each and every shut off valve and turn them off ONE AT A TIME.  So start in say the kitchen and turn off the hot and cold valves under sink and then wait to see if goes away.  If it doesn't, open them back up and repeat for every other faucet and toilet. If it goes away, then narrow it down to a hot or cold valve.  Then you will know.  If it DOES not go away after doing that.....write me back :)

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