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QUESTION: I live in a mobile home. The weather recently went into teens and single digits and we have no hot water coming out of the kitchen sink. Hot water comes out normally and as hot as normal in the bathroom sinks and bathtub but not kitchen. We used the hot water while it was in the teens and single digits but got up one morning and only the hot water in kitchen sink does not work. What could this be?

ANSWER: Hi, it would most likely be a frozen waterline. Hot water lines generally freeze first. I would turn up the heat and open the cabinet doors.  If the bathroom is close to the kitchen try running the hot for a bit and see if that helps.  Try to get it running ASAP  and before you leave the house unoccupied, if the line has frozen solid it will probably be broken as well. If it thaws and no one is home it could cause a lot of damage.  Do not use an open flame to thaw the line.  Try a hair dryer. Once it is flowing, you will need to insulate the lines to stop this from freezing again. Drafts on the piping will cause he lines to freeze quicker.  

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QUESTION: That's what I thought too but the pipes are wrapped in heat tape and it was working in the kitchen hours before I plugged the heat tape in. The hear tape has been plugged in for over 24 hours and still no hot water. We have a single knob faucet and we can put it all the way over to hot and it shuts off right before the red dot.

We'll if that is the case, I would turn off the water supply and disassemble the faucet. You could have an obstruction in the faucet cartridge or the line itself Take it apart, then while the faucet is apart, hold a plastic cup over the faucet and have some one turn the water back on for a few seconds and see if you can flush the line. While you have the cartridge out, look it over and check to see if any sediment is trapped in it. If you can do this for the hot side only that would be better.. You would have to have separate shut offs under the sink to do it though.

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