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We just purchased a place at 10000 ft elevation with well water.  The well was tested, and tested great.  

The water heater was very old, and we replaced it with a tankless water heater using gas.  Ever since that occurred ALL of our faucets are sputtering, 'grasping' for water every so often.  It happens every shower (there is 1 bathroom) every couple of flushes (there is 1 toilet), and every so often when washing dishes/hands.  There is no washer/dryer or dishwasher.  

We did not have this problem with the old water heater.  How can we fix it?  Thanks

Rebecca ,   Where I live in the north east, tankless heaters are seldom used for a variety of reasons. I personally do not like or recommend them to my customers but I will install one if the customer desires. I, unfortunately do not have a lot of experience with them but I do know that some companies require a high altitude "chip" be installed to compensate for the altitude differential.  I am not convinced that this is what is wrong with your system, it is a possibility. Sputtering faucet usually indicates air being drawn into the system. On a well system it is much more prevalent    My suggestion would be to call the manufacturer and not rely on anyone's best guess. I do apologize for the inadequate answer  but this is one of the very few aspects of plumbing that I am not a subject matter expert.

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