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QUESTION: It is really cold outside and  under our kitchen sink which is on an outside wall we notice a loud swishing running water sound when the water was currenty off. Just some backround we have been letting the water run during the night on a slow run on the sink. Do you have any idea why all of a sudden we would here this? We check all over for wet spots but do not any signs of water leaking, just a side not we are on slab, please help?

ANSWER: And to think, my FIRST question was "Are you on a concrete slab?"  :)  You probably have a busted water line under the slab.  Before I proceed, can you tell me, is it a one or two story home?

Update:  Ok, I waited for you... ;)  Have to go off to work now, we had a major freeze and busted waterlines await.  Normally I just sit here at the office and play computer games...but we are REALLY busy today :)

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It 1 story ranch. The house is actually a duplex house.

Ok, so with everything off in the house, including checking the toilets to make sure they are not running, go outside and check the water meter.  See if it is spinning or using water.  If so, you have a busted water line under the concrete slab and the best course of action is to completely re-pipe the house with all new water pipes.  Also check the water heater release valve and make sure it is not broken letting water drain out of it.  If this were the case, it pipes to the outside of the house and would be noticable.

It's better to do a re-pipe than to jack hammer the slab and just fix that one section (assuming the house is at least 15 years old) as you will have more and more of these pop up and you will be doing this type repair over and over again.  Doing a complete re-pipe is not that expensive.  Anywhere from $1750 to $3,000 depending on who you get.  DO NOT JUST go the cheaper route and fix what's broke!!!  You will be tempted to do so...most people are.  But you are just throwing money away!!!

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