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I have a home built in 1970 which has an American standard vent away toilet.  Can the system be converted to a regular flushing system?  No one in my town knows how to work on this system.  It had began running for a few seconds periodically but has now stopped filling as it is supposed to.  The water just trickles until the tank is filled and then I have to raise the float to stop the flow. I don't believe the insides of the tank are original to the vent a way system.

Hello Deanna, I am sorry it has taken this long to reply but I was on a short vacation.

I have had plenty of experience with the Am. St. vent-a-way toilets. Most of it was not pleasant. The are a maintenance nightmare. I have had some success retrofitting them to operate as a standard flusher but it is not worth the money. They were designed specifically to operate  with the ballcock supplied in them. They use way more water than almost any other modern toilet ever made. One thing most installers did not know about these units was the piping had to be within a specified distance from the vent stack and a separate dry  ventstack was required. These toilets are approaching the 1/2 century mark and parts are almost non existent. My advise would be to replace them with a new water efficient unit. Am. St and Kohler are two of the best.  

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