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My pump is cycling off and on quickly I think my pressure in the bladder tank is too much or not enough ? How .do I determine? Or could it be something else? This has happened before and the service call has always indicated a pressure problem.  Thanks.

To save me a lot of typing, first follow this link to my Website; which will explain all about bladder tanks in general.
Then please be aware that cycling a pump motor of any kind is extremely bad for it.  When a motor starts, it pulls between 3 and 5 times the running amperage.  The more times this happens, the hotter the winding's in the motor get. This causes premature failure.  Bladder tanks can go bad.  This is usually caused by the bladder rupturing and allowing the water and air to mix.  Well water steals air from the tank every cycle and eventually there is no more air to compress, so the motor acts just like your describing.  

Brands are very important too.  There are three good bladder tanks on the market.  Well X Trol,  Flexcon (sold under several model names) and Zilmet the tank I sell.  All the others in my opinion are not worth the money spent on them. Most of them will not even live through their 5 year warranty period.

Hopefully, this gives you an understanding of the workings of bladder tanks.  They all work pretty much the same.  The only difference is quality.  If you have any further questions, please let me know or visit my Website's Forum for more discussion at:

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