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I have a Frigidaire FGHC2331PF7 Gallery refrigerator. There has been ice buildup on the inside causing the unit to malfunction and I was told that I have "hard water" and must replace the filter every 2 months. The technician who told me this states that I need an "in-line water filter bypass" which is not covered under my warrantee. Can you explain exactly what an in-line water filter bypass is and why I simply cannot use the refrigerator without the filter?

John, A bypass is just what it says. It bypasses the filter. What good is having the filter then? The bypass is only necessary if you need to supply another fixture while your changing the filter. If you use the ice maker without a filter, you will end up clogging the lines and mechanism with mineral deposits and ruining the ice maker.
Below is a brief explanation. I thought it might help.

If you are on a well system and have hard water then your ice maker in your fridge is going to be very short lived. A standard ice maker filter is designed to improve taste and remove very fine sediment. Hard water has a high level of total dissolved solids(TDS) and will plug them up in no time flat. There are a couple ways to combat hardness, a softener is by far the most common. Once the water is softened, experience has shown that when ice is made with it the ice is usually cloudy and not rock hard and clear like ice is supposed to be. In order to get the best ice and purest water a reverse osmosis system (RO) is the way to go,  BUT there is a caveat, If you install a RO, you absolutely must soften the water first, then pre-filter it to remove any other dissolved minerals like iron and calcium then it can go through the RO. Only the supply to the ice make needs to go through the RO but most people also run a line to the kitchen sink for drinking and cooking water. It surely is the purest water you can get but it come with a cost. You get one gallon of purified for every 6-8 gallons(depending on the brand) you put through it,the rest goes down the drain.

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