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i have a delta single handle faucet i need to repace the seat and springs since it is leaking....the kurled cap  is stuck.
i removed the adjusting ring and wrapped the curled thread area  with hot vinegar for days and tried to turn nothing happened. afraid to over exert pressure will break or turn whole faucet body. any suggestions. thanks

Bob, You are experiencing the biggest flaw in Delta faucets. That bonnet is a the weakest link in the design. I have broken many a faucet trying to get them off. The best success I have had is with a high quality penetrating oil. Get it at a plumbing supply store as they carry the better working stuff. Liberally spray the bonnet and give it time to work. Chances are you are going to ruin that bonnet getting it loose. That's okay since they sell them separately. Treat and retreat several times and then use a good set of channel-locks to loosen. Try tightening then loosening simultaneously. There is no easy way just be patient and persistent. You are correct in that it doesn't take a lot of torque to twist  the body  and destroying the faucet.  Kitchen and some lav faucets are prone to breakage . The tub/shower faucets are stronger. Good luck

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