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We have a single tap shower/ tub moen facet.  We have replaced both the 1225 b cartridge and the pressure valve.  We can only get full pressure on either hot or cold( depending on how we adjust  it)

Question: is there some type of adjustments we need to do t4e6tor do you know how to fix this.

You may have a pressure/temperature regulating faucet, sometime referred to a scald guard faucet. There are regulators built into this type of faucet that often times get clogged with mineral deposits. There is one for hot and one for cold with slotted adjustment screws on them. They can be accessed from inside the tub by removing the trim plate. Some times they can be cleaned by removing them and soaking them in white vinegar or in a solution called iron-out. You can also just replace them. Contact Moen at 1-800-buy-moen and ask for customer support to get the right part number for your faucet. You can also buy direct from them as well
Also, try removing the cartridge again and flushing the faucet by turning on the water will the cartridge is removed. Cover the faucet opening with a small pan or bucket and turn water on for 10 seconds or so. Check to make sure there is no debris in the orifices inside the faucet befor reinserting the cartridge.

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